Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Here is a message from team-

Lauren- Miss you! Having the most amazing experience! I met my sponsor today!!

Linda- Hi kids and friends. We are eating pizza for dinner after a fun day of painting a room at the God Cares High school.You would be amazed at all your Mom is doing. I'm having an incredible experience and I'm so glad to be here. The people are very warm and welcoming and so thankful. The team is great and we are having fun and bonding. Love you! Give the grand-kids a big hug from their Mia. And tell them that all the children here love the bracelets they made for them. Big hugs!! xoxoxoxo

Marilyn- Hello to all! We sure are seeing and experiencing many sights, sounds, and smells. Yesterday we spent at the primary school and enjoyed the time with the younger kids. They attach quickly and don't like to let go! Today we were at the high school, sanding and painting primer on a classroom wall; sanding plaster on cement gives a dusty time. It was great to see Esther again, although briefly because the students are taking exams all week. She really is a great girl!! I still haven't made the time adjustment, but it's getting better. Thank you for praying!! I love you and miss you!!!

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